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Our Passion

1) Internationalization: Design of the internationalization plan for business services, based on the triad methodology: Knowledge, Research and Networks.

2) Market Intelligence: Market location with potential demand based on a cross-scoring sceneries by country, sector and culture.

3) Research:

-Sectorial characterization studies in service activities.

-Specialized research about internationalization by business services sector and country.(for institutions and promotion agencies).

4) Innovation:

-Strategies: structuring franchises and consortia models to export software services.

-Technology: apps to boost international business services (soon).

-Training: design of webinar, course and lectures to learn about how to export and internationalization of services companies (for universities).
The triad methodology allow services companies to develop their expansion plan in a simple way, no matter the point of start but it depends to capacity, needs or opportunities in the international markets.

Solutions are always custom made.

1) Knowledge:
- Understanding of your business model by Canvas analysis.
- Identification of your service with greater export potential.
- Competitive profile diagnosis and action plan.

2) Research:
Market Location. Where you company can be more competitive.
- Be more likely to demand.
- Have greater access advantages.
- Be financially viable.
Planning international marketing strategy and Expansion strategy.

3) Networks:
Connection with strategic partners by country, sector and interdisciplinary area.
Location of international leads
Arrangement of international business meetings
¿Why us? Understanding globalization is for companies of all sizes and sectors, we decided to specialize and to make our contribution through our international and professional knowledge, experience and networks to intensify the international trade mainly in business services and ICT companies.

1) I-equality: No one is the boss, the views and contributions of all are important and should be respected.

2) Innovation: Always is a good time to create, to change, and to innovate. It is ok breaking paradigms.

3) Time: Appreciate and enjoy our personal, family and work time. It is one of the most important thing in life.

4) Sustainability: Share what we receive and encourage others to do it. It is what make us humans.

Share value We believe that companies can do more than generate profits and employment. That is why we work on joint actions that bring value to two of the Sustainable Development Goals (UNESCO, 2015). No. 4 Quality Education No. 15 Life of terrestrial ecosystems Want to now more, contact us

Community If you are a professional on international trade, marketing or related careers and want to share your knowledge in topics related to our core business, send us a short article. Depending on the content you send, we will publish on our website, blog and social networks, reserving your intellectual property. Never know, maybe we can have the great opportunity that you work with us in the future... write us

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